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Miracle in a Bottle: Marie Veronique Organic’s Treatment Oil

Ever since I converted to organic skincare, I have been obsessed — OBSESSED I TELL YOU!  It’s so much more interesting to read ingredient labels when you can actually attribute a purpose to (as well as pronounce!) every single ingredient listed in a product, and you can easily fall down the rabbit hole learning about what each one does for the skin.  One of my biggest research time-sucks (though…there could be much worse uses of my time, to be sure!) are on facial oils and which ones are most suitable for my normal to slightly oily skin.  Last month, I stumbled upon one oil that truly blew my mind with all the potent and *perfect* combination of oils that seemed to be designed just for me: Marie Veronique Organics (MVO) Treatment Oil.

MVO Treatment Oil

Marie Veronique Organics is a California-based company that relies heavily on natural, organic and fair trade ingredients wherever possible, and uses 100% recyclable materials in their packaging.  ‘Intelligent Ingredients’ is their tagline, and it is the overriding principle which guides each formulation.  They carry a basic line, as well as an advanced anti-aging ‘Pacific’ line.  The Treatment Oil I purchased is part of the basic line, and targets clogged pores, oily skin and adult acne.  Though I don’t suffer from acne, I do find I get clogged pores on my nose and cheeks, and can get oily in my t-zone.  Mostly though, I was swayed by the amazing ingredients, which boasts borage oil (high in Gamma-Linoleic Acid which restores the skin’s barrier function to protect it from external aggressors), cranberry seed and acai oils (antioxidants), tamanu oil (aids in the treatment of eczema), watermelon seed oil (dissolves sebum), and tea tree essential oil (effective at combating acne).

MVO Treatment Oil Ingredients

I’ve been using this oil for about a month now, alternating it with my Pai Rosehip Oil, and I find it really makes a difference in my skin tone and texture.  Aside from instantly eliminating any redness, it leaves my skin soft and glowing yet not greasy, as it’s first ingredient is jojoba oil – which mimics our natural sebum and is beautifully lightweight – and both cranberry and borage are astringent, dry oils.  When I use this, it transforms my skin so much so that I feel good enough to go without any other makeup at all – I look like one of those preternaturally youthful ladies in those Biotherm ads (or at least I like to think so ;0) ).  And when I use this overnight, in the morning I wake up with less noticeable pores and smooth, radiant skin.  CAN I HAVE SOME MORE, PLEASE?

Marie Veronique Organics Treatment OilI didn’t notice until I took these photos, that the bottle has an expiry date on the bottom of it – SO handy!  I wish all my oils had that (matter of fact….I should really double-check).  

The scent is softly herbal; mostly I get a whiff of tea tree but overall it’s not obtrusive or offensive in any way.  I actually had to sniff the bottle to remember, as it didn’t leave any kind of lasting impression on me one way or another.  It doesn’t smell as gorgeous as say, Mun’s No.1 Aknari Nighttime Dream Youth Serum (OMG the rose scent is TO.DIE.), but it doesn’t smell strongly of much of anything.

Overall?  I’m a HUGE fan.  Though it’s primary design is for those suffering from acne, I find it highly beneficial to my skin nonetheless as it keeps the pores clear and my t-zone under control.  It’s all sorts of LURVE here, guys.

Are you using facial oils in your skincare regime?  Which ones have wowed you so far?

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Unfamiliar Territory

My skin has been acting up lately, and it’s driving me nuts!!  I am generally lucky to have few skin problems (at least on my face), so when this happens I’m sort of at a loss.  I have a hunch its either my Bedhead Foxy Curls Contour Cream (as most of the clogging/breakouts are on my forehead), or perhaps the cheap-o Dove Beauty Bar I’ve been using for the past month…I know the smart thing to do would be to pare down to the bare minimum – in my case, Cetaphil to cleanse, Clinique DDMG to moisturize – and then slowly add one product until I find the culprit, but I have these products that need to be used up, see?  And my stubborn/lazy ass keeps hoping that this will all just go away.  Yea, right.  And of course, its right around the Holidays when you want your skin to look its best.  PLUS my high school reunion is in less than three weeks (we slacked off this summer) so I have extra incentive to get this straightened out, stat.  Bahh!  This is one time where I don’t really relish the opportunity to buy new products, as IMO they’re not *fun* but rather a necessity and sorta boring.  But, my skin will thank me when it gets back to normal! 

Is anyone else struggling with achieving your best ‘Holiday skin?’

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