Wild & Chic Best Of Make Up For Ever Kit, Part One: HD Microperfecting Primer and Microfinish Powder

For the past couple weeks, the number one post on my blog has been the launch info and overview of MUFE’s new ‘Wild & Chic Best Of’ kit.  Alright already, I get the hint!! 😉  To date, I feel I’ve sufficiently tested at least two of the products enough that I feel good about giving a full review for each.  I thought it made sense to begin at the beginning; meaning, with the two products you’ll likely apply first – the enormously popular HD Microfinish Powder, and the HD Microperfecting Primer.

From what I can recall, the whole ‘HD’ – or ‘High Definition’ – craze started with Make Up For Ever.  I can remember when their HD foundation, and this powder, came out, the blogosphere (and magazines, too!), nearly went into a tailspin.   HD products were initially designed for on-screen celebs who feared that High Def. resolution would reveal their imperfections to the world.  Quickly, it shifted into the ‘real world,’ because who doesn’t want to look airbrushed and perfect all the time?

How it works, is it helps create a ‘soft focus’ effect on the skin, so that it looks its best, particularly on camera and film.  Make Up For Ever seems to have really cornered the market in this arena, as along with the powder and primer, they also have an HD foundation and concealer to really make the skin look flawless.  I have yet to try these products, but the foundation is another product that seems to be a must-try.

So, first, the primer.  We need more primers on the market like we need holes in our heads – there are SO many out there now!!  And, worse, so many that just don’t deliver on their promises.  MUFE actually has seven different HD primers, each for a specific concern; the one in the ‘Wild & Chic’ kit is simply 0 Neutral – the basic, translucent version. The first thing I noticed about this primer is the texture – it’s not silicone-y feelings like many primers I’ve tried, and it doesn’t feel thick or like it’s smothering the skin, like some others.  It feels just like a thin fluid, that absorbs on the skin within a minute, and leaves absolutely no residue feeling, no whitish cast…almost like it was never there at all.  Hands down, I like this aspect of the primer best – I don’t feel like I have to wait ages for it to set before I continue on with my makeup application.  I don’t know how they managed this, as the second ingredient is dimethicone, but manage they do!

In terms of it’s efficacy, it works quite well.  My makeup stayed put throughout the day, notably my blush, which is a feat as that’s usually the first thing to disappear.  I’m not sure how it would hold up against heavier makeup application, as I generally only wear a dab of foundation, if at all.  The texture being as it is, I question whether it’s enough for a full-face of makeup – but for someone like me who wears less, it’s absolutely perfect.   It’s not drying, and neither does it cause any breakouts (it’s oil-free).  It’s just all kinds of awesome.The Microfinish Powder, as I mentioned, gets some major attention in the beauty world.  100% mineral silica, this powder softens the look of imperfections, sets makeup, and slightly mattifies the skin for a satin look.  I’ve always had an issue with the way powders tend to make the face look flat and dull – I always opt for cream blushes if I can help it, and I usually only use powders under my eyes to set my concealer, and through my t-zone.  With this powder, its unnecessary to be so careful – I can use it all over my face to set my makeup, yet it still allows me to have a glow to the skin without looking dusty.  And it really does mattify – I can wear this all day and only need to blot *maybe* if it’s been a warmer day, or if I’ve gone out for a run. However, there is a trick to using this product.  Using a normal powder brush doesn’t really work – the powder is too finely milled and light that it merely flies around without really getting picked up on the brush.  I’ve been using my dense bronzer brush to apply it, and this works much better to actually pick up the product, as well as deposit it securely on my face.  I press it into the skin and this keeps my skin shine-free for nearly the whole day.  Talc-free, I find this powder does not dry out my skin at all.

Another thing to be cautious of is applying too much.  We’ve all seen those pictures of Nicole Kidman and the like who wore too much powder and it showed up in a major way on camera.  All you need for this product is a light hand, and you get perfect results.

So….I guess you know my verdict on these two items – win, and win!!  I have been  having a hard time committing to a routine in which primer is used on the regular, because I just felt like it was clogging my skin and more of a detriment than anything else – I always saw primer as a ‘special use’ product, and not something I’d consider for my every day process.  Well, my mind has been changed.  This primer is just so ridiculously lightweight, I can’t imagine it ever causing and issue.  Same goes for the powder – its so light and applies so sheerly, it doesn’t feel like putting anything at all on my skin.  The two of these combined make for a very powerful duo, and one I’m willing to commit to.  My poor ol’ NARS loose powder is feeling very lonely these days :S

If you’re considering either of these products, I definitely recommend trying them out – grab a sample of each from your local Sephora, or better yet, invest in the ‘Best Of’ kit and get deluxe sample sizes of both, plus some other goodies!  I think they’re both worth a good look!

*These products were sent to me for consideration by the company/PR*

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  1. #1 by Liz (Beauty Reductionista) on November 9, 2011 - 10:51 pm

    I’ve been deathly afraid of my MUFE HD powder ever since those pics were released. But your review has me wanting to do a retrial of the stuff so we shall see!

    As for the primer, there was something about the texture that I didn’t like when I sampled. I guess the “HD” isn’t really a huge draw for me, though I do love their Invisible Cover Concealer. MUFE is so solid overall though. 🙂

    • #2 by Latoya on November 13, 2011 - 10:57 am

      HD isn’t a big draw for me either, really – I just think if my skin looks good in general, it’ll be fine for pics (when I even get them). But I do like the look it gives my skin, and I’m bored with my other powder, so it works for me! But I might like to use it for special occasions rather than every day. As for the primer, for me the texture is exactly what I want, because I have this fear of putting too much product on my skin and smothering it (as you know). But you’ve already pledged your allegiance to Hourglass, which is clearly worthy of that commitment, so no need to change now!!

  2. #3 by kat on November 9, 2011 - 11:10 pm

    I love kits! It’s always a great way to try new products without splurging on a lot 🙂

    • #4 by Latoya on November 13, 2011 - 10:58 am

      It so is, Kat! Strangely, I avoid kits normally though lol – I guess the thought of so much extra product is daunting to me. But if I could be smart about it, I’d buy kits all the time – they’re such a great option!

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