Day Six and Counting

…It’s not necessarily that I can’t LIVE without my blogs, and new cosmetics…but it’s just such a part of my life that I feel a bit at odds not being able to plunk down to read a post or two (or…20) about what’s going on in the beauty world and capturing the interest of my fellow addicts.  It’s just weird, you know??

Do you think it’s cheating if I go on MakeupAlley to reply to swap requests?  I guess technically it is because then I’m getting new items – sure, I’m not buying them but I’m still getting them somehow.  I haven’t been doing any searching on there but I just had to give a heads up to a MUA’er to let her know I received her package (a deal we set up WELL before Lent began), and I saw I had an message from someone regarding an item on my swap list.  I replied without thinking, but now I feel guilty and like I can’t go through with it.  Thoughts?? Anyone want to offer absolution for my transgression??

I just realized that I didn’t explain to you what the “punishment” (as decided by my bf) will be if I slip up during this [very difficult] time.  Well, let me tell you so you may revel in my possible (likely) demise.  The terms are:  he is to apply my makeup, without my aid or instruction, and then we are to go out for one drink at a bar of my choosing.  I cannot choose the makeup for him, nor am I allowed to explain to him what goes where.  Keep in mind he knows absolutely NOTHING about cosmetics whatsoever, owning only shampoo, antiperspirant, and body wash in his own ‘cosmetic arsenal.’  So in essence, I could have black eyeliner on my lips, hot pink blush on my eyelids, and bronze eyeshadow on my cheeks.  Or some other horrific variation.  Holy hell.

Good grief…what did I get myself into?

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  1. #1 by Beauty Reductionista on March 15, 2011 - 10:45 am

    Oh, hahaha – how cute are you guys? Lol… I wouldn’t even let my sisters put on my makeup!

    I don’t think it’s cheating to respond to a transaction already in progress but it is if you begin a new one. You might explain your situation and ask them to hold off for a few weeks?

    Good luck and stay strong!

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