Busy Busy Busy…

Good day to you!  Life has been really full lately so I’ve hardly been online at all!  The past couple weeks I’ve been sick, and work has been uber-crappy…so, I soothed my spirit by putting in a pre-order for one of RBL’s new Spring Ironic/Iconic collection, the shade I mentioned previously: Insouciant.  I’m super stoked!  Not only did it look great in swatches, but I happened to watch *cough* American Idol *cough* this weekend and J.Lo. had this amazing pale lilac nail polish on and it brought out the crazy-pants in me and I was determined to find a shade similar.  The pre-order email came out the next day so my lemming was calmed for a moment – but I won’t receive it until late February / early March, which is ages away!  So, yesterday when I went to get a wax and saw that my salon finally had the new Zoya Spring collection, I grabbed the shade Marley, which is a pale, pale lavender cream.  I haven’t tried it yet but plan on doing it this weekend so I’ll post the pics then.  I can’t wait!!

Hope everyone else’s February has been going great so far!  The next two weeks are the Canada Winter 2011 Games, which we’re hosting here in Hali!!  I can’t wait.  They’re putting on a free concert almost every night for the entire two weeks so I imagine my posting won’t be improving any time soon 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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  1. #1 by Beauty Reductionista on February 14, 2011 - 12:15 am

    Ooh, can’t wait to see the new purchases! Have fun!! 🙂

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