Mini Polish Haul!

I’m feeling under the weather today so I left work early to come home and rest.  Except…I got to thinking about the new China Glaze Anchors Away collection…and I called Chatters Salon and they just got it in today…SOOOOOO I took a lil drive across the way and spend a nice relaxing half hour checking it all out 🙂  My initial feelings from seeing swatches online pointed me toward the shades Pelican Gray (pale gray), White Cap (sheer shimmering golden white), and Sea Spray (pale muted blue).  However, I ended up picking up not only Sea Spray, but Ahoy!, a deep but bright jelly magenta.  It didn’t entice me at all until I saw it in person.  YOW.  It is so pretty, bold and feminine.  I feel it’s a perfect color for any season.  I want to wear it rightnow but I felt Sea Spray was more appropriate at the moment.  Sea Spray is quite pretty also – I think it will look particularly striking on someone with pale skin – but it does look nice on my skin tone as well.  It leans cool, but because it’s pale its not too aggressive or gauche.  I like it.  Maybe not love but it’s nothing like any other shade I own so I’m happy with the purchase.  I never feel remorseful about China Glaze polishes anyway (well, except maybe Peachy Keen – ick) because they’re only $6.49 so no big loss.

Anyway, moving on to my own swatches! This is two coats:

Natural light – this is more blue than the polish actually is.

This is under artificial light, and this is much more true to what the color looks like.  Pale blue with gray leaning.

I took some swatches of Ahoy! as well, but I’m not entirely satisfied with how they came out.  I’ll post those the next time I change my mani 🙂

I think for a Spring collection the shades are all quite wearable.  While they’re designated ‘Spring’ colors, I feel that one would feel comfortable wearing most of them now as well as even into the Summer months.  Gotta love that!  Has anyone else picked up anything from A.A. or planning to?  What shades have caught your eye?

Almost the weekend 🙂

Update: I wore this polish for four days, and within two I had chips galore!  It even was peeling off in some parts, which I haven’t had a polish do in ages.  I couldn’t wait to change my polish.  Maybe I just did a poor mani…I’ll give it another go but at this stage I’m fairly disappointed in it’s durability.

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  1. #1 by Beauty Reductionista on January 20, 2011 - 10:11 pm


    Sea Spray is also on my list… I get the feeling I will have to move quickly to get it! Looks lovely on you!

    Please show us (me) the others soon! 😀

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