Nightly Prep

Many people decide the night before what they are going to wear to work the following day…I, on the other hand, always choose what makeup look I am going to try.  Sometimes its simple – black liquid liner, bronzer, lipgloss that coordinates with my clothing (coordinate BTW does not mean match).  Often times though, I try to find creative ways to wear the TONS of shades I have floating around in my stash.  Frequently, I like to have a theme, like wearing a beachy bronze look on a sunshine-y day, or wearing blues and purples on a rainy day.  Also, I consider what kind of day I have planned: am I going for dinner and drinks after work (smokey eye) or to a movie (fun, colorful shades), or will I be doing a lot of physical activity (minimal, sweatproof makeup)?  For those NOT ridiculously obsessed with cosmetics, this probably seems silly and maybe vain.  But makeup to me is the same as fashion is to others – totally fun and a great way to express yourself!  And so it goes…

Tomorrow’s look is polished but a bit mysterious.  As follows: 

Brown cream liner on the top lid, smoked out (Clinique Black Honey Brush On Liner)
Indigo liner on the bottom lid, slightly smudged (Clinique Indigo Quickliner)
Bronzer (BE Warmth)
Muted pale plum frost lipstick (MAC Gleam)
Nude gloss (Clinique Knockout Nude)

I’m wearing a cute plum cotton dress with brown peep toe heels, and keeping the jewelry classy and simple.  Hair half-back.  It’s going to be one of my better dressed work days 🙂

Anyone else create next-day makeup palettes?

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